Our Training Systems

See what you can learn

Learn new exercise systems

By adding different styles of exercise coaching to your gym, you unlock new target markets. This will help your fitness business grow through new client acquisition and improved member retention.

  • Calisthenics - learn detailed coaching for how to simplify teaching Olympic rings, parallettes and more bodyweight skills as well as key conditioning drills.

  • Fight Fitness - use more contemporary styles of martial arts training for fitness in 1-1 padwork sessions and MMA inspired group exercise systems.

  • Mobility in Motion - a unique blend of Indian Clubs, Capoeira and Kung Fu that we have seen become the most popular training at our gym. A more fun, more effective way of transforming your clients movement.

  • Tri-planar strength - move beyond sagittal plane programming and create more exciting workouts that will deliver a new experience for your gym members.

  • Strongman - use the most renowned strength training in the world with your customers. Learn to teach techniques shared with us by international athletes.

  • The Body Map - maybe the most important coaching system we have; a simple way of assessing movement quality, and a clear way to navigate what exercises are right to help optimise your clients performance and remove pain from their lives.

  • Fit 2 UK - The UK government spend around £500,000,000 every year on health and wellbeing programmes. Fit 2 UK is a campaign we have designed to help you access some of that funding to support your local communities health.

What is the Wild Training Affiliate

The Cost

Our training will help your business grow, so the cost of the affiliate will pay for itself

For Fitness Coaches and Gym Owners

A 15 year authentic story of a successful UK fitness brand that will add credibility, diversity and new services to your business. Attract new clients and retain your customers for a lot longer - become a Wild Training Affiliate.


  • Wild Training Affiliate License - £99 per month, per location
  • Wild Training coach certification - £120, per person
  • Ongoing coach development - £60 per quarter, per coach

This pricing makes the Wild Training Affiliate work for businesses of different sizes. 

  • Single location, single coach. 
  • Single location, multiple coaches. 
  • Multiple locations, multiple coaches.

Download the brochure now and read about what we deliver for fitness coaches and gym owners.

Saving the UK's Health

By joining the Wild Training Affiliate you can be part of the Fit 2 UK campaign and help the UK become a healthier place. Find our more about the Fit 2 UK programme and how we are working towards government funded health and fitness coaching for everyone in the UK.

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What the Wild Training Affiliate can do for your business

The Wild Training Gym in High Wycombe transformed from the worst gym in the area, to being voted the best independent gym in the UK, voted by the Independent Gym Owners group. 

Add the systems that got our gym voted best independent gym in the UK to your business

We changed the traditional facility that included cardio, resistance equipment and basic studio classes to a gym service, based on coaching great exercise. We focus on all forms of strength training, bodyweight exercise and sport conditioning. This blend of modern, ancient and creative systems enables us to engage a wider variety of member types and retain those members for a long time through the diverse workouts on offer. 

Becoming a Wild Training Affiliate will be the best way for fitness instructors, exercise studio owners and gym operators to use our most successful systems. 

We give other trainers and gym owners the opportunity to use the Wild Training brand to promote their own businesses. As a Wild Training fitness affiliate other fitness business owners can deliver our unique systems with the education and programming we give them.

It’s not a dictatorship. You get our systems, but you can run your business your way and use Wild Training as a tool to help your own brand thrive. 

We maintain our brand standards with the Trusted Trainer promise, that all Wild Training affiliates agree to uphold. If this is broken by a Wild Training Affiliate, we will remove that instructor/gym from the affiliate programme. This is protect customers from poor experience, protect the brand, and to protect our affiliate community from anyone that might damage the value of their service.

To differentiate yourself from your competition, you need to deliver a different fitness service. 

Wild Training is the change the Fitness Industry needs and the different service your future customers want.

What Wild Training gives Fitness Instructors and Gym Owners

  • 3 Ways to learn. Face to face instructor courses. Interactive live online seminars. On demand online learning resources

  • Learn in your own time and gain Wild Training Certifications in our different training systems.

  • Gain your Wild Training Fitness Coach certification and become eligible to become a Wild Training Affiliate, run the Fit 2 UK service and use all our other systems

  • Master how to coach Calisthenics, Tri-planar training, Martial Arts Padwork, Indian Clubs, Strongman and more.

  • Learn the art of great programming and how to create the best personalised plans for your clients.

  • Build confidence in coaching, assessing movement and going beyond your customers expectations.

  • Develop your understanding of mindset, marketing, sales, content creation and more from industry leaders.

  • Exclusive discounts and affiliate deals for the Wild Training community to benefit from.

People involved

The key to the success of the Wild Training Affiliate business is that it’s backed by so many top coaches and professionals ready to share their experience and knowledge with the fitness community. Led by James Griffiths, owner of the Wild Training. Andy Hudson, Tutor for UKSCA. Adie Shariff is the mindset coach for team GB.  We've got some incredible people for you to learn from. 

We have so many top coaches, athletes and leaders to support our team. With celebrity support from Steve Backshall and Suzi Shaw. We have the right professionals to deliver the success the best fitness instructors and gyms deserve.

Read the Wild Training Affiliate brochure to learn more about the people that want to work with you towards your own success.

What makes Wild Training different

If you want to know more about the Wild Training Affiliate partnership, you can come to our operational gym today, that's been voted the best independent gym in the UK. Where the trainers that create the Wild Training Affiliate content and mentor the Wild Training coach community work everyday as full time personal trainers and exercise class instructors. 

We walk the walk and talk the talk. The Wild Training Affiliate programme is a business tool for fitness professionals, created by fitness professionals - who are still as passionate about doing the job as we are about sharing the experience we have to help the country become a healthier place.

We want to share what we know, raise the value of the fitness industry for consumers by improving the standard of the fitness industry's service as a whole and help you succeed in your business. 

Do you pay a business coach, pay for instructor certifications and CPD style instructor education. Do you pay for media consultancy for video and photography. The Wild Training Affiliate can replace all of that at a fraction of the cost. 

Being good at your job isn't good enough to enjoy a career in fitness and a successful fitness business. You need to be part of something better than the competition. Be a Wild Training Affiliate.

Contact us

Wild Training has been around since 2010, and we are still innovating fitness services and delivering beyond our customers expectations. Get in contact with us for more information about our Wild Training Affiliate opportunity, or better yet, organise to come and meet us at the Wild Training Gym to discover what we really do for yourself.